Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring and summer plans for L

It's been a busy and productive week! Between the peaceful hum of my sewing machine, the rhythmic clicking of knitting needles, the pitter patter of little feet running to play, the sound of pencils being sharpened, the clinking of paintbrushes against the edge of a cup of water, little L learning to say "kiwi", "pas bien" (not good, in English), and the smell of freshly baked bread, the week has just simply whizzed by.

Many projects were finished this week: a starry-eyed slouchy hat for my brother, an apron for me (I finally got to it!), some painting and drawing projects, and my smocked cardi! But now I'm looking ahead! What next?

I often like to draw out ideas of what I want to make, especially when it comes to little L's clothing. It's just so cute! I've set myself the goal of making him as much of his clothing as I can without having to buy it. Shoes, of course, are exempt.

In the sewing projects that I have planned for him, almost all are going to be made from Oliver + S patterns: A nature walk pullover, nature walk pants, cargo pants, sailboat top, raglan t-shirt, art museum pants, sketchbook shirt. I'll adapt some of the patterns to make them short sleeved or shorts. The dotty shirt is actually from a Japanese sewing pattern book for girls but I thought it could be good for boys too, and the undies, well, I haven't found a pattern yet. I better hurry though because potty training is coming soon!

A lot of Oliver + S, right? Well, to be honest, I only started sewing seriously about two and half years ago (which is when I got my sewing machine!) and most of the things I learned, I learned through using these patterns. The finished garments are beautiful and I learned so many techniques. As of yet, I have not tried other pattern companies for kids but I am sure there are plenty of wonderful ones out there and I'm hoping to try some out in the future!

Knitting, knitting! I have a couple knitting projects too. We live in an area in France where it can be a little chilly in the summer (depends on the summers), so having a lightweight sweater is actually a really good idea. For that purpose, I'll be using Solenn Couix-Loarer's pattern Softly (you). And last but not least, socks! I love making socks but I'm not sure about the patterns just yet...but they will be made!

There is much to be made and I hope to squeeze in a few projects for my husband and myself in between working on L's things, not to mention the fact that it's birthday season in our family, so giftmaking is high up on my list of priorities. Speaking of gifts and birthdays...better get knitting for Dad!

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