Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bicycle PJ's for L

 Patterns: Top - Fieldtrip Raglan T-Shirt by Oliver + S
               Pants - Nature Walk Pants by Oliver + S
Fabric: Jay Cyn Designs for Birch Organic Fabrics, Just For Fun KNITS, Bike It - squeezed out of 1 yard
Notions: Off-white thread, 3/4" elastic for pants waistband
Size: 2T for both

Little L was in sore need of new jammies. He's outgrown all of them and don't even mention the ones with feet! They're ridiculous! We were about to go stay at Grandpère's for a bit (seriously, we were leaving first thing the next morning!) and I wanted to have a set ready before we left. Unrealistic, no? But I guess sometimes I am so tenacious that it just works out. I picked up the fabric while I was on my last vacation in the US, hoping I would obtain good results from it. And I haven't been disappointed!

Sewing with knits is actually not such an intimidating thought for me since some of my very first sewing projects were with knits.I was cautious and read up a lot before starting with them and to my great satisfaction, those first projects turned out very well, and are still holding up beautifully over a year later! Even with my very basic sewing machine, where I use a small zig-zag. Knits, here I come!

 I wanted a very comfortable set of pyjamas that would be quick to make, as I had a ridiculous deadline, so, to hope to achieve my goal, I selected the Oliver + S Raglan T and Nature Walk Pants. It was my first time making both of the patterns, but with the combination of excellent instructions, drafting, and a very cooperative fabric, I was done in record time in what was a really pleasurable sewing experience!

 I was most nervous about the neckline but that too went without a hiccup. I carefully read the instructions and reminded myself of Made-By-Rae's posts on knit neckline's that I had read a few days before. I carefully stretched the piece to fit and stretched it as I sewed it in, and it fit perfectly. Sheer joy! The pants were a breeze. I reinforced the crotch seam by sewing it a second time and the few pieces needed came together effortlessly.

Just one last thing: twin needle stitching for that professional-looking finish. But just when I was about to bring out the twin needle, I remembered it was broken, so I ended up stitching both lines with a single needle and carefully, and I mean very carefully, keeping the lines the same distance apart. I actually hemmed at this stage. I think it looks good, despite having the extra work to do a double line.

L seems to like these as they don't restrict his movement. But goodness does that boy have the wiggles! Pretty hard to get good photos. Most of them came out blurry with an arm whizzing by! His jammies were quite a hit with the other kids at Grandpère's since they have bicycles on them. Oh, I nearly forgot, but they work well, even though L is still in diapers.

 He almost looks like he's counting here.