Sunday, March 16, 2014

Knitting gifts

Ah, birthday season is upon us! Hurray, hurray but this means that much planning is required, and astonishingly so, I'm on schedule, with 3 out of 4 ready to be sent off to their birthday recipients! We actually have 5 birthdays coming up, but my husband's vest, which I started months ahead of time just to be sure to have it ready, is meant to be his birthday gift. (I may try to sneak in a shirt if my sewing schedule allows but shhhh.)

Up first, a knitted iPad case.

Pattern: "Cabled iPad Sleeve" by haramis designs
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers  in colorway 2442 (a natural oatmeal-like color)
Needle: US 8
I know, it looks miniscule. How could that ever fit an iPad?! But it has been tested and approved on a borrowed iPad. I was rather nervous making this at first, since I don't have an iPad and had to wait to be able to test it out. Thankfully, it stretches out beautifully and the cables are lovely (although I reduced the number). I added two extra buttons for a total of three as I felt it would be more secure. Birthday project #1, done!

 Next, a beanie.


Pattern: "Skyping Beanie" by Halldora
Yarn: Green Mountain Spinnery Cotton Comfort in colorway Storm
Needles: US 4, US 6

 This is actually the second time that I make this hat with this same exact yarn. Normally, I wouldn't knit a pattern twice in the same yarn, but when I remembered my brother enviously eyeing my other brother's new hat, I thought, well...ok. But I was going to add at least a tiny little something and this little embellishment is jewel purpose. One, it helps tell the hats apart so no confusions arise, and two, it's his 18th birthday! I'm pretty sure he'll love this.

Lastly, another slouchy hat.

Pattern: "Starry-Eyed Slouch" by Stepen West
Yarns: Green Mountain Spinnery Cotton Comfort in colorway Storm (used throughout)
            Madelinetosh Merino Light, Iris (a deep blue) and Mica (light blue)
            Madelinetosh Sock , I think it was Composition Book but not completely sure
            Unknown yarn that was given to me, perhaps tencel?

 So, this one is for my other brother. He's quite a hip and stylish kind of guy, so hopefully this will suit his aesthetic taste. I left off the stars and the pompom but I have an idea for another one using more leftover yarn that would use the stars.

 Wait! I said 4 gifts, right? Well, the last one is for an art lover who kindly  appreciates my work. But it's not done yet!

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