Monday, March 17, 2014

Knitting for L: Softly (you)

Pattern: "Softly (you)" by Solenn Couix-Loarer
Yarn: De Rerum Natura Ulysee in colorways Poivre et Sel (3 skeins) and Genêt (about 40yds)
Needles: US 3, US 5
Size: 2 yrs

This was one of the few knitting projects I had up my sleeve for my lovely L's Spring and Summer wardrobe, apart from socks galore. Around here, 'Breton' style sweaters and tops are really popular and remain ever so trendy for kids and adults, season after season, year after year. So, hey, why not make one for L since I already had the e-book?

I also decided to give in to my recent love for yellow by going with a yellow stripe which looks positively golden next to the soft natural color of Poivre et Sel. I can't get enough of yellow next to grey or natural colors and I'm pretty sure it's going to show up again in garments and even the house!

As with many of Solenn's patterns, (I can't believe this is her 10th pattern I've knit! They're just great patterns!) I had to go up a needle size because I knit a bit tight. Once knitting got started, it went really fast. I was racing to get to those stripes, to only be halted when I got to the sleeves. Oh, man! I had forgotten that I dislike these kinds of picked up sleeves from the armholes with short rows worked for the sleeve cap. Sadly, the project sat untouched for a good day or two as I suspiciously eyed those armholes. I knit them as directed by the pattern and I think the sweater looks fantastic despite my not being a fan of these kinds of sleeves.

There are great little details like a faux seam line made by purling one stitch at what would be a side seam or arm seam. It looks really cute!

While I was knitting the sweater, little L would come over to touch it and would say "pull, pull" knowing that it was for him. I finished it during his naptime, folded it nicely, and once he was up and saw it, he grabbed it and tried to put it on himself. Oh, how rewarding is that?! (Happy sigh and I'm already planning another one of these sweaters) He adores it, so I love it too! And I'm so happy with those golden stripes. They make for such a happy sweater! Enjoy, my little L! (In this last indoor picture, he's making his 'can we go to the playground now?' face.)

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