Wednesday, April 9, 2014

KCW Spring 2014: Day 3

Gosh, is it already day 3?

I'm back for a lightning progress report. I can hardly believe it but I actually finished L's Sketchbook Shirt. I put the final button on this morning with L looking on excitedly. I'm hoping to take pictures of the boys together wearing their shirts. I think I'll do a dedicated post on making the shirt later on.

On a completely different note, today is a big day for my husband as he is taking an important exam for his career. It's also a bit like a competition. Whoever gets the best scores gets the degree. I was so touched when he wore the Negroni Shirt I made him as a way to have me with him. Good luck, my love!

Ok. Must dash. I've got a Nature Walk Pullover to cut and some markings to transfer!

A demain and happy happy sewing!

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