Sunday, April 13, 2014

KCW Spring 2014: Day 7

And that's it! Day 7! I'm  little sad that it's over but I suppose it'll only make me look forward to the next KCW even more.
I really surprised myself today, or rather the whole week to be accurate. I thought I would finish the day and the week with L's cargo pants but I completed them early, button and all. With the extra time in the evening, I was able to pull out and work with some knit fabric. (The same knit fabric I so much doubted I would get to.)
I made a short sleeved Fieldtrip Raglan T-shirt by Oliver + S with a mustard chevron knit. It came together smoothly and I must say that I find that the four garments I made this week look quite nice all together. I still can't believe I made four!
More tomorrow and hopefully many picures if I can catch L between wiggles.

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