Thursday, April 10, 2014

KCW Spring 2014: Day 4

A late little post. I expected to have a more extensive post ready for today but between running to the fabric store for supplies (pins, and another fabric marker other than blue!), sewing, and preparing a nice little dinner for a visiting cousin, the day just flew by!

But I did make some progress on L's Nature Walk Pullover beyond that in the picture. I attached the collar. Between making the bread and preparing soup I was able to attach a sleeve and before I knew it, I had both sleeves attached and flat felled. I'm now ready to finish the side seams and then all that's left is hemming!

I really like this project but even so, I'm very much looking forward to finishing it so I can get started on my next project, a pair of Fieldtrip Cargo Pants!

Day 4 and almost day 5, already! Wishing you all some very happy sewing!

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