Friday, April 18, 2014

Options, options and some knitting

Friday, already. The week is nearly over and I've gotten most of my mending done. Just three more garments to repair and then I'm done! I've also been steadily working on Gudrun Johnston's Praline Cardigan. The calm that followed all the excitement and flurry of sewing during KCW has been quite restful but I find my heart yearning to get back to my sewing machine. I find its hum so appeasing!

I pulled out my big box of fabric and pored over its contents, selecting different fabrics based on color, material, texture, and weight. But there are so many options for what I could make next! Shorts or pants for L? I had such a blast making those Fieldtrip Cargo Pants that a second pair is definitely in order. T-shirts? I found some clear elastic at my local fabric shop that I want to try out to help stabilize shoulder seams. And then Colette Patterns just released two new knit patterns. I don't think I'll be able to resist making myself a "Moneta" dress very long! Oh, gosh, the possibilities seem endless.

And it's the Spring Top Sewalong running all the way into mid-May. And then it's Me-Made-May. I'm reflecting on what my pledge should be. I want it to be sufficiently challenging but not impossible. I've yet to sign-up but I think I will in the coming days, once I figure out my pledge!

 Have a wonderful weekend!

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