Friday, April 11, 2014

KCW Spring 2014: Day 5

Goodness, the weekend is almost here and that means that KCW will be over soon. I can't help feeling a little sad about that! I also can't believe how much I've been enjoying myself making these garments. And no stress either. Just relaxed and fun. 

As of today, I now have two completed garments: the Sketchbook shirt and the Nature Walk Pullover. A third project is in the works: cargo pants. I'm still debating whether I actually want to put in the cargo pockets. I'm leaning toward putting them in since L is crazy for pockets. He just loves trying to put toys in them but unfortunately, the pockets are always a bit small. I'm pretty sure these cargo pockets would be his dream pockets! 

I'm very happy with how the project is progressing even if it means a lot of thread changes between regular thread and topstitching thread. Patience, patience.

Another day of sewing awaits tomorrow! Happy sewing, everyone!

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