Monday, April 14, 2014

KCW Spring 2014 Round-up

What a fantastic week of sewing! And now that it's over, I can take the time to share what I made in more depth and look at what everyone has made. I'm always amazed by people's talent and boundless creativity.
Day 1 - Day 3: Just like Papa
Pattern: Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt
Fabric: Leftover cotton from my husband's Negroni Shirt
Notions: Coordinating thread, interfacing, 9 buttons
Size: 2T
I love how this turned out and it was so funny and cute to see the boys dressed in the same way. My husband was quite flattered and thought it was adorable. (I've never done mini-me before)
I added to the seam allowances to make them 5/8". I used flat fell seams for the shoulders and the side seams and I also added a little flap to the pocket to make the shirt look a little more like his daddy's shirt. I left the central pleat in the back rather than making small pleats on each side as in the Negroni Shirt.
I'm super happy with the collar and the cuffs. I feel like my fabric handling skills have greatly improved. Youpee!
Day 3 - Day 5: Chamray Pullover
Pattern: Oliver + S Nature Walk Pullover
Fabric: (Possibly) Robert Kaufman, Chambray, about a yard
Notions: Thread (I picked darker so it would highlight the construction), interfacing, topstitching thread for running stitch detail, 1 starry button, thread for thread chain loop
Size: 2T
I was really really looking forward to making this project with this particular fabric. And I adore the result. And it seems so comfy. L has definitely approved this pullover and is a fan of the big central pocket.
The fabric was a dream to work with. The supple quality was fantastic for the flat fell seams, for which I made my seam allowance 5/8".  Even though the pullover was perfect as it was and the opening was sitting quite nicely, I knew my boy would be sticking his hands into the opening and pulling at it. To stop him doing that, I added a little button and loop. I used this tutorial from Oliver + S. Problem solved and a pretty starry button added!
I did a bit of handstitching with a contrasting golden yellow thread on the V of the opening, the collar and the pockets. It's really discrete and it's only as you get closer that you see it. I love those kind of détails.

Day 5 - Day 7: Cargo Pants for a pocket-loving boy
 Pattern: Oliver + S Fieldtrip Cargo Pants
Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton twill, less than a meter
Notions: Coordinating thread, topstitching thread (next time I'll buy 2 of each), 1 button, 3/4 " elastic
Size: 2T
I was a little dubious as to how much I would like this project and the finished result, especially if I put the cargo pockets in. I mostly wanted to make it because my son is just such a pocket fan. It was also going to be a lot of work! Now that it's done, I can say that this is probably my favorite project of the week along with the chambray Nature Walk Pullover, and I actually loved every minute of it. No pain! It was so much fun!
My machine delt with the thick layers of fabric beautifully and it topstitched like a dream. What more could I ask of it!? I did bring out the hammer for the very first time in a sewing project and it did seem to help render the fabric more supple in the very thick parts. Yes, I flat felled nearly every seam, for which I had increased seam allowances, again, to 5/8 ".
The fabric was really nice to work with and it held it's shape really well without stretching. I feel like it makes the pants look like, for lack of a better expresson, like the 'real deal'.I used every last centimeter of thread from both the regular thread and the topstitching thread, so next time I'll buy two of each!
I'm flabbergasted by the end result. I can't believe  I made these pants. And L's reaction? "Pantalon" ("Pants"), trying to put them on, and grabbing a few legos to store them in his cargo pockets! (As an afterthought, I might add some sort of fastening to the cargo pockets to help keep the flaps down and flat.)
Day 7: Mustard Chevron Raglan-T
Pattern; Oliver + S Fieldtrip Raglan T-Shirt
Fabric: Jay-Cyn Designs for Birch Organic Fabrics, Elk Grove KNIT, Skinny Chevron Sun, 1/2 yard
Notions: Coordinating thread
Size: 2T
I really didn't think I would get to work with knits during this challenge. I was pleasantly surprised!
This was a really easy and straightforward project and came together in practically no time at all. Well, especially if you're going to compare with my previous KCW projects. I also did a better job on the neckline than on my first Raglan T.
I'm pretty pleased with it. I think it's very cute although more summery than springy, but that's ok. I'm so happy that I got the chevrons to match at the side seams. I don't have a walking foot so I pinned it like crazy. I should have counted the pins! 
The chevron pattern is centered through the middle of the shirt so when L wears his chambray pullover over it, it looks smashing! The V's are smack-dab in the middle of the V of the pullover! Yay! I also made the shirt short sleeved.
Wow! What a week. And I feel so good about these projects. No feelings whatsoever of "Oh, I wish I had done this better" or "I really don't like this". I spent an enormous amount of time on seam finishes because I wanted these garments to be durable and to grow with L, as he's not quite 2 and they're understandably a bit roomy. He adores them all!
I have a slow paced week planned. I'll be doing some mending of old clothes and starting work again on my knit cardigan that I had put down for all this sewing!
P.S. Sorry for this enormous post but I wanted to get it all in!


  1. these are all great -- especially love the pullover and cargo pants!

  2. Awesome! I really want to try the Nature Walk Pullover!

    1. Thanks! I really like the Nature Walk Pullover pattern. It's fun to make and has really great détails, like the central pocket! You should give it a try!

  3. Such a great wardrobe! I love all the fabrics you've used and the matching shirts photo is so cute! I completely agree with your assessment of the Field Trip pattern. It's a lot of work but so satisfying. Brava.

    1. Thank you! I'm so pleased with how it all turned out. It was quite funny to see them dressed alike because they also resemble eachother enormously. It was almost like seeing my husband as a little boy, or my little boy as a grown man!
      Exactly! Those cargo pants were incredibly satisfyng to make! I've already picked out some fabric from my stash for another pair.

  4. I love that pullover! I never really noticed that pattern before but after seeing your version I'm going to have to buy it. So darling! And way to go on centering those chevron stripes! I love when little details turn out perfectly like that. Your posts make me excited to sew for a little boy someday.

    1. I really like it too. I'm very happy with the changes I made, although the pattern's original color blocked version with the sleeves pieced together looks really cute too.
      Aww...thanks for the compliment. Sewing for boys is quite fun...but one day I hope to sew for a little girl too!