Thursday, April 24, 2014

Who made your clothes?: Fashion Revolution

Many thoughts are bouncing around in my head and truth be told, I am finding it quite difficult to formulate them into a coherent piece of writing. One year ago, over a thousand people lost their lives in the Rana Plaza factory collapse, and many more were injured.  A year later, today, April 24th, Fashion Revolution Day is raising awareness about the fashion industry, where our garments come from and the issue of transparency. It is also encouraging us to ASK "who made it?' In the very clear words of the Fashion Revolution mission: "We believe in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity, and profit in equal measure." 

 Here I am, wearing my clothes inside out, and it's a bit of a half and half. I made my top (Wiksten Tank). My pants are store bought (Comptoir des Cotonniers). We don't buy ready to wear clothing anymore but my husband and I still have a majority of store-bought clothes and it will probably stay that way for a while as we try to stretch out the lifespan of each garment by mending when needed and replacing when no longer wearable. As I sew and knit more and more, I still find myself asking the same questions as I would with store-bought clothing. Who is behind the production? Who made the cloth? Who made this thread, yarn? And in many cases, I know very little. As in the spirit of Fashion Revolution, I can always ask.


  1. You raise an important question, where does the material we use to craft come from, who made it and in what conditions?